The time of light has reached its end.

As the next Winter approaches, villagers and city folk alike scramble to make their preparations for the frigid months ahead of them. Supplies are needed now more than ever, and many are worried they will not get what they need to survive. To make matters worse, the local monsters have become more organized as of late. They raid caravans with deadly efficiency, attacking from the shadows before the guards have any chance to react. To ensure their survival, many wayward settlements have sent parties of their best warriors to get the supplies they need, and if possible, to bring more soldiers back to the village. Many of the younger villagers volunteer for this mission, as they wish to see the outside world and all its wonders for themselves. They will see much on their quest, both amazing… and terrifying. For there is something much more powerful at work in the shadows, and if it cannot be stopped…

The entire world will be engulfed by dark.

The Impending Dark